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VOX Aircraft


The original company was founded in 2005 to develop, produce and
market an industry changing VTOL aircraft configuration: a VTOL air
frame offering a huge number of UAV/UAS applications or manned for
various military or civil commercial missions and configurations.
To date, over $12 million has been invested to advance the project to its
current state. Designed as a fixed wing aircraft capable of conventional
take off and landing (CTOL) operations and cruise fuel efficiency, this
airframe can also operate in and out of just helipad sized areas. This
greatly increases its flexibility, allowing it to land at thousands of sites,
and to create mission profiles never before possible with tilt rotor or
conventional rotorcraft designs.
VOX Aircraft owns all patents, data, and analysis specific to these
proprietary airframe configurations. Several sub scale prototypes as well
as many of the airframe sections and components have been tested and
or flown during the development of this platform. The latest version of the
prototype will begin flight tests in Q2 2020.

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