Novel Oil Filter Technology from DVI LLC - SensaTork


The SensaTork   technology takes the guess work out of aftermarket oil filter replacement by creating audible and tactile feedback to the installer (professional or weekend mechanic) to let them know that they have tightened the filter enough, and, not over tightened it.  This patented solution would give the owner a significant patent position and a consumer discriminator in this billion-dollar oil filter market. 

Intellectual Property Portfolio

US:  4 Issued patents -9,821,256         9,463,401        9,643,114     9,815,008      and one pending application dated November 17, 2017, Published March 15, 2018 (15/816129).

Foreigns:  PCT/US16/61422 dated November 10, 2016, Priority date of November 11, 2015, National Phase in China, Mexico and EPO – key manufacturing countries.