VOX Aircraft VTOL Technology





VOX Aircraft LLC presents a revolutionary fixed wing VTOL UAV OMV aircraft program.  Analyses show that the vertical take off and landing (VTOL) aircraft being developed by VOX Aircraft will be 2 to 3x
faster and up to 50 to 70% more fuel efficient as compared to a traditional helicopter and will have over 3x the range carrying the same payload. It will also have ~50% lower maintenance costs and the overall design (with multiple redundant systems) is considerably safer with superior handling characteristics. Now ready for Advanced CFD and Aero Integrations.  See the PDF Executive Summary and www.voxaircraft.com for more details

To date, over $12 million has been invested to advance the project to its
current state.

VOX Aircraft owns all patents, data, and analysis specific to these
proprietary airframe configurations. Several sub scale prototypes as well as many of the airframe sections and components have been tested and or flown during the development of this platform. The latest version of the prototype will begin flight tests in Q2 2020.






June 27, 2020 Flight Test