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February 2024 Licensing Executives Society Philadelphia Chapter - panel "Using Licenses to Settle Intellectual Property Lawsuits" hosted by Dechert


May 2023 Licensing Executives Society International Meeting in Montreal - As Conference Chair - Interviewing Daniele Lamarre from Cirque du Soleil in front of the 528 attendees from 37 countries

May 2022 Licensing Executives Society International Meeting in Venice


October 2018 Accepting the position of President and Chairman of the Board of the Licensing Executives Society for 2018-2019


Bob Held at bottom left.  October 2019 Licensing Executives Society 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Held IP offers a complete suite of intellectual property (IP) business offerings to the Department of Defense (DOD) and commercial companies including monetization (licensing, sales, patent enforcement, litigation finance, etc), expert witness, strategic consulting, IP damage reports, IP valuation for DOD, government and Commercial transactions, IP management policies & procedures, technology & IP acquisitions and strategic and tactical input on all IP matters.  We are versed in all methods of IP valuation, and we can support your needs with respect to working with the US Governments' IP Cadre group. 

Our team has over 100 years of experience in IP & business in both the commercial, DOD and other governmental applications for US and international transactions.  Most are IAM 300 recognized licensing experts and Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP).  We have architected thousands of agreements (e.g. licenses, sales, acquisitions, M&A), covering numerous technology areas: software, image sensors, semiconductor processes, medical devices, genomic sequencing, data compression, industrial processes, FPGA's, telecom, wireless, financial, encryption, messaging, public safety, automotive, etc.


Our IP litigation damages team is unique in that Bob is a EE with an MBA and CLP and has crafted 100's of IP transactions in his career, giving him the direct experience and credentials that other damages experts that have only pure financial backgrounds do not possess.   He is also backed up by a highly seasoned IP litigation damages team (PhD's CFA's, MBA's) with 25 years of experience.  


We can bring this unique expertise to bear for the benefit of you and your company!  +1 443-422-4824


August 2020 USPTO Invention-Con 2020 "Understanding Licensing" featuring Bob Held of HeldIP

IMG-20191119-WA0018 (003)Indecopi.jpg

November 2019 International Conference on Patents

and Inventions, Lima, Peru Sponsored by INDECOPI.

The USPTO Asked me to Present

April 2018 USPTO LES Visit -

Bob Held and Kim Chotkowski


November 2018 China International Import Expo (CIIE)

Bob Held and Kim Chotkowski

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