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HeldIP currently serves over 30 clients from the DOD and commercial sectors in varying roles - from confidential patent buying and product and IP licensing strategy, IP valuation, expert witness, brokering, IP policies & procedures, open source IP issues, etc.  Our clients are worldwide and are made up of Fortune 100 companies, private companies and individual inventors.  Most of our clients wish to remain confidential, the below represents some of the non-confidential client engagements.

  • IPwe Inc. -- Representative for their AI Transactions & Analytics Platform (

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Due to the overwhelming amount of choices available in e-commerce today, traditional online search methods are becoming increasingly inefficient for consumers who are unsure of what they’re looking for – especially when shopping in highly visual categories, whether it’s finding the perfect taco, or just the right couch to complete your living room.

The Solution? A new visual approach to shopping designed to help consumers better figure out what they want to buy. Ask Sydney™ allows consumers to steer the search and cut through the noise with a critique-based recommendation system that relies on user preferences and responses to sequential images…ultimately matching users to the most relevant real-time recommendations so they can shop confidently and be satisfied with their purchases!

This patented technology (2 issued US and 6 pending WW) and software are in use today at where you can download the FoodFaves App and test the visual food search engine.  The complete technology package is available for license or sale. 


Check out their website at


IP Advisory Services Provided To:


IP Brokerage Services Provided to:

  • AiPi - brokered the sale of three drone patents in 2021

  • Fred Herz AI Technologies

  • VOX Aircraft


Expert Witness Listings:

  • Fact Witness TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. in the TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. vs IPCube Partners (2016).Case settled after my deposition.

  • Fact Witness for TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. in the TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. vs Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP (2018)

  • Licensing expert for Nuance Communications, Inc. in the Nuance Communications, Inc., Agnitio Corp. & Agnitio S.L. vs. Pindrop Security, Inc. Civil Action No: 1:17cv1193 (2018).Case settled on behalf of my client after my report was filed.

  • Damages from lost patent rights, Case No. 01-20-0005-3647, American Arbitration Association.Reports filed, deposed, testified July 2021.Case settled on behalf of my client after my testimony.

Open Cases:

  • Licensing Expert for defendant in a civil action for misuse of trade secrets.

  • Damage Expert, rebuttal report about patent infringement, product delisting, and injunction. Report filed in March 2021.

  • Damage Expert, patent infringement damage. Report filed in May 2021.

  • Damage Expert, rebuttal report about patent misuse, unfair competition and damages. Ongoing but stayed by the court.

  • Licensing expert in a civil action for use of software outside the bounds of the license












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